Has The Worlds Gone Digital?

It’s Sherrie, I know it has been a moment, but my father passed away and I was off making arrangement for him. You have been on my mind.  So, I thought I would take a moment and reach out to you all.  


 Many of us have suffered losses in the Pandemic. We have had to adapt handling everyday affairs’ digitally.   

It has caused many of us to become very callused.  

I don’t believe it is because we don’t care, but maybe the social distancing.  


 We have missed being physically present at weddings, funerals, baby’s being born.  

Many of us have had to experience these life events on Zoom or Facetime maybe Facebook Live.

 But this is now the new norm.  I know that there are time when I enjoy the convenience of a zoom meeting.



 I don’t think we will ever go back to doing things in-person in the manner of the past. That is across the board. 

With that in mind, I decided to do my dad’s service Yard Side.   This is at the gravesite and not have the service n a church or funerial home.

My cousin is a minister. He had assisted me with many of the arrangements, he said to me, “I don’t think you will need to have a memorial video since we will be outside. “


I guess he is like so many that have not opened their minds to the advancement of technology.

The truth is we are no long bound to storefronts.

We have graduated to doing almost everything digitally .


  • But I created a memorial video anyway .

  • Then uploaded it to my you tube channel.

  • Finally it was posted it on Facebook where all could see it when every that would like.  

 Later at after the services, He said to me, “That was brilliant to use social media to publish the video on the family page.

Many of us share the video. Even the family member out of town could also enjoy it”. 

 So yes, we no long need a building to host events, have weddings or bury our love ones. Most importantly to have a marketable business. 


All you need is a: 

  • Smart Cell Phone 

  • An Open Mind 

  • A Great Mentor 

  • The Right Training 

  • Consistency will win the race  

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