The Journey

The Journey    

My background has been in the real estate finance.  I started as a loan officer at New Frontier Financial and did residential and commercial transactions and found myself working with rehabbers and contractors. This was very empowering to work on this project, raising capital and networking with the very affluent.  Now I am the investor and contractor and  love making beautiful home for the 1st time home buyer. I have found my niche.   

The Big Problem  

  The Big problem came  in March of 2020.  The whole world  was scared out of our minds of Covid 19.  I was having a hard time finding workers to do rehabbing projects, found myself alone and had to take my children to work sites to complete jobs. 

My father’s health was declining.  It was all just too much. I did not have any help from most of my family.   

One of the properties we were working on was illegally foreclosed on. It was very clear to me that it was time to make some changes.  The journey continues. 

Adjusting to Doing Business Online    

I know that if I was going to survive the journey. I would have to adjust to doing business online.  

How would I get started? 

  • I started doing research on the topic.  
  •  I learned that the email marketing is the “pot of gold”.  
  •  I soon purchased my 1st online course. It came with daily training and how to get set up.   

I was excited that the course was in my budget. And it appeared to have everything I needed to get started.    

Training Program  

 The first course that I ever purchased had too many modules. It was not easy to complete. I tried to the finish at training.  It was just difficult. I kept thinking that there must be something missing, started attending to the webinars and discovered that most of the webinars were training  that are geared to the upscale.

I was upset.  The coaching would cost $7k . What a let down!  I only want to get started properly and do my online business. 

 The Boss of Online Marketing 

Here is what I did learn from the meeting. 

  • I learned that it is important to own your email list.  
  • The email list is where the relationships are built and were to get must of the engagement. 
  • Email marketing is the boss of online marketing. It actually does not matter what your niche is or business.  
  • Every business ought to have an email list to engage their cliental. 

Important Lessons 

The next thing I understand is the many companies have affiliate programs that profit share commissions for online sales.  

They will provide you with an affiliate link to access their sales funnel. 

 That does not mean the you have access to the clients’ email address. To capture the email address, clients name, and cell number, is the business builder.  The marketing is  free. 

Setting-up an autoresponder to automated the engagement is key. This will also enable to set up a lead page to capture every email first and build your business. 

Thank you again for listening. I will cont. next week 

Sherrie B. Pittman 

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