The Importance of Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

Greetings, I am Sherrie Pittman. I hope you are living your very best life. Today I will be sharing my story on the importance of email marketing. But before I do . Please be encouraged to leave your comments and subscribe.

When I got started in this business, I understood the importance of email marketing.  The first influencer that I came across was  Anik Sigal of the Lurn platform . At that time, he was promoting the power of Email Marketing. After I listened to his sales pitch. I was convinced that Email Marketing is the best way to go . After all, the World Wide Web was created for the emailing System. 

Now once I had started in this business, then sitting up the system, and starting to advertise. I somehow forgot the importance of email marketing. But, I got a reality check on Monday Oct. 4th. On that day Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all were shut down without any warning. For many hours. I am sure Billions were lost that day. Across the board. 

I got a real wakeup call that day. I realized that it is not good to have all my Eggs in One basket.

Although it is unlikely that that will happen on a permanent basis. It is possible to be removed from a platform. That happens to businesses everyday. Once it does happen, you are finished.  So it is very important no matter what kind of business you have to have an independent emailing system setup.

I currently work with two different companies BuilderAll and Aweber. They both are great companies, with top of the line support.



Here is a review on Builderall

Review Highlights from Cyber news: “Builderall is an excellent website builder and digital marketing platform. It’s easy to use. It has 30 useful features. It gives you all the tools you need. Builderall puts the foundations in place to make your business a success. It also serves as a web host too.

Since Builderall is an all-in-one platform, it has great value . If you are a new entrepreneur  you will learn a lot about running a digital business.  It has a wide range of marketing features. 

When adding features to your site, they will  be available in Builderall. So you won’t have to shell out for add-ons or extras. 

Builderall can help you to focus on niche sales funnels, video based tutorials, email marketing campaigns or improving SEO. 

However, while Builderall impresses with the number of features. A case can be made for quality over quantity. Builderall targets  entrepreneurs and people who are new to the world of online business.

The sales funnel

Therefore , a great array of options can be useful. On the other hand, It may also be a bit overwhelming. Some users are confused as to where to start and what to add . Some may ask where to actually find the features they need in the busy interface.

 While the majority of the features work well. Some may feel as if they could do with a bit more focus. For instance the heatmap feature seemed to deliver inconsistent results. Also finding the right funnel can sometimes be difficult depending on which template you are using.”

 These are minor gripes. Builderall offers great value for money. They offer a wide range of services that are suited for people starting out in the world of online business. 

Most importantly, Builderall has addressed many of these concerns. They have updated there systems in September of 2021. I recommend this company . They are a full serve brand.

Try BuilderAll Here


Here is a review on Aweber  by  Style Factory Production,a%20solid%20userbase.


Aweber is an email marketing app that allows you to:

Create a mailing list and capture data onto it.

You can design newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your list.

Also you can automate your email marketing via use of ‘autoresponders’.

Lastly may view and analyze statistics related to your email marketing campaigns.

Aweber was founded in 1998. They have serviced over 120,000 individuals and businesses. These clients have used the platform for their email marketing. It is  a well-established company with a solid userbase.”

Key features of Aweber

Aweber provides you with the following key features:

  • The ability to import and host a mailing list.
  • It has a wide range of templates.
  • Responsive email designs
  • Reporting system
  • split testing
  • RSS / blog to-email functionality
  • List segmentation options
  • A landing page builder
  • It has Phone, email and live chat support

In conclusion both are great platform with many feature, support to grow your email marketing list, and integration with your Social Media Platforms. Comments and subscribers are Welcome.

Youtube How to Build your Email Client List with your Facebook Audience 

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