How do you make an income from your email list?

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How do you make an income from your email list?

Great question. The Answer simply is, the sky is the limit. The answer is also the obvious. First  a audience must be built  and then promote your affiliate links and offer in the emails. Your produce should also fill a need for the client. Therefore it is important to target well to get the best results. 

The Goal

That is the goal of every content entrepreneur, Shopify owner, and affiliate marketer. We use social media outlets to produce our content. With in the content offer are presented. These offers should be connected to an opt-in page , that will capture the email address of the leads. The great thing about this is they all work. So choose which venue that best suit your personality. Learn as you go about that platform and how to produce effectively there. This would include discovering how to add:

  • Landing page to the platform
  • Opt-in page on the page
  • Pop-up opt- in
  • Confirmation pop-ups to verify that the emails will come
  • Paid ads with opt in
  • Organic ads with opt- in
  • Free reports with Opt-in
  • Free offer with Opt-in
  • Solo Ads
  • Surveys the require an opt-in
  • Website
  • Affiliate links
  • Learning to embed videos
  • Audio podcast
  • Scripted content

It would also help to be mindful if when you are a required to complete a form personally to observe what was attractive about the that request, article, content or offer, that moved you to filling your email address.

Build a Relationship

It is also important to remember that acquiring the email address is the first hurdle to four core areas of success in this business. Which is to capture. The next thing to master is the follow up. This will require timely, valuable content, on a daily, weekly or by week bases. To key to it all is consistency. Communication with your list is relationship build. This is essential for any business today. But is it most important when you are an online entrepreneur. Relationship is everything. Therefore, having a relationship building mindset will be helpful when producing ads , opt-ins and monetizing your email list.

The goal is to driving traffic.

What is Traffic? Traffic are leads, not sales.

What are Lead? Leads are real people that are paying you Attention.

Therefore, value the relationships and the money will come.

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