How do I Drive Traffic to a New Website?

Hey Sherrie here!
A subscriber asked? How do I increase my website traffic which is new?
Great question . But let us be very clear.
There no magic wand to this.
The Trust about affiliate marketing is being consistent.
This is a numbers game. You must choice a platform the you would engage with daily.
All platforms a great :
  • audio: Spotify
  • video :You Tube, TikTok
  • social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • forums: Quora, Forum, Native ads
  • email marketing Builderall , Aweber
  • solo ads : Traffic4Me
  • craigslist
  • amazon
  • seo
Each platform works differently and they all have some similarities.
The goal of every platform is to keep viewer on that channel for as long as possible.
for example : Likes Share, upvote, comments ect.
They all can work.
To drive traffic, You must be committed with being consistent.
The power of Consistency is that you will learn to rudiments of that platform to perfection.
That is grow and knowledge .
The more you understate the media you use to promote.
The better you ads are and the better to reach.
the more people you reach the more opportunity to monetized the products.
The bounce is consistency also build the audience.
Once people began to take your brand seriously, you will win their attention.
Your whole goal is the Attention of the people on the platform for as long as possible.
But keep it mind, if you want to drive traffic to your website, You must remember to ad your website in the content .
This can be done in written content as enter linking.
This an example here in blue. When click the link here it will take you to my YouTube channel. page
You can also use this method when making wonderful comments on bother influencers blogs and post.
Just qucikly recap. Driving traffic successfully requires being consistent daily with your methods. Then you will win the race.
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Thank you
Sherrie Pittman
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